Here are 5 reasons why bikers in cities are using this dashcam to stay safe while riding


1. Streetlogic 360 cameras capture everything behind, to the sides, and in front of you.

Video is saved automatically to your phone so in the event of an incident or crash you’ll always have video evidence of what happened. (5).gif

2. They analyze your surroundings Tesla-style and send audio alerts so you know when cars are headed your way.

With Streetlogic, we alert you to cars coming from all sides. No more cars sneaking up behind you or “coming out of nowhere” (6).gif

3. The built-in Streetlogic taillight increases your visibility from behind

We know that changes in light patterns help drivers perceive depth, so the auto-flashing Streetlogic taillight when cars are approaching makes you significantly more visible to cars.

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 3.14.29 PM-min (1).jpg

4. The entire bike community is safer, today and tomorrow.

The Streetlogic app automatically reports cars blocking the bike-lane & unsafe driving - plus, we use your videos to show city officials where you need more protected bike lanes in your city.

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 3.15.10 PM-min (1).jpg

5. Built by ex-Apple and Tesla engineers.

Our team previously built some of the worlds most reliable and advanced products in technology and transportation, so you can be confident with Streetlogic looking out for you while you ride.

Don't feel 100% safe on the road?

"A very useful tool especially in cities"