Meet Streetlogic!

We’re a team of cyclists on a mission to make biking safer. Our product gives more people the confidence to bike - leading to more livable cities and a cleaner environment.


Pre-order now to increase your own safety, and join the movement to make biking safer everywhere.


Ride on!

-Team Streetlogic

Jon, Will, Jess, Brett, Drew, Divya, Daniel, Kathy, & Torehan


Pre-order Streetlogic

  • Get real-time alerts about cars around you to prevent crashes & close calls​

  • Save footage from every ride directly onto your phone, no need to search through long videos

  • Mount on any bike or ebike

  • Increase your visibility from behind with the built-in Streetlogic tailight

  • Includes:

    • Front Camera

    • Rear Camera with Built-in Taillight

    • Custom Universal Mounting System for Both Cameras

    • Companion App for Your Smartphone

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This preorder is 100% refundable if you change your mind later

Customers that are pre-ordering the Streetlogic Smart Sensing System will be paying a fully refundable $30 deposit towards the $300 total purchase price of the product.

Once the Streetlogic Smart Sensing System is ready to ship, pre-order customers will be notified by email and prompted to complete their purchase through the website. Once full payment is received, the product will ship.

In order to receive a full refund on their $30 deposit, the customer simply has to email Streetlogic at and request a refund on the same method of payment used to make the deposit.